Machon Kibutz Galuyot

Rav Nissim Makor

Parsha Toldot

PARSHA INSIGHTS The Torah’s description of the essence of Yacov and Eisav does not recount their deeds and actions, such as Yacov being constantly involved in learning or that Eisav was a fearless hunter. Instead, the Torah describes Yacov as being a “yosheiv oholim (lived in Torah tents)” and Eisav as an “ish yodeah tsayid, …

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Parshat Noach

Parshat Noach PARSHA INSIGHTS “Noach followed in Hashem’s ways” (Noach 6,9). The Sforno explains the meaning of “following in Hashem’s ways” in this manner. “Noach went in the ways of Hashem to be kind to others and rebuked the people of his generation.” If Noach gave the people mussar for one hundred twenty years, why …

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