Hot Meals and Feeding Programs

About 35% of all children in Israel, 1,024,000 children live in poverty. This emerges from the “Poverty Index” for 2016. About 29% of the population in Israel (children and adults) – 2,436,000 persons – live in poverty. This means that about 1.4 million adults, or a quarter of all adults in Israel, are poor.

In a survey it was found that 11% of the children did not eat in the past year for a full day or regularly. 61% said they did not buy medicines for their children because of economic hardship, and 54% did not purchase basic equipment for their children. 60% do not fund their classes or private lessons. In addition, about 20% of children go to school without a sandwich regularly or often, and 34% of children reduce the size of meals or skip meals because of their parents’ financial distress.

Among the elderly, half of the elderly supported by aid organizations do not eat enough nutritious meals, 58% say they are unable to maintain their health because of their financial situation, and 41% stated that the old age pension does not allow them to live in dignity.

The plan is to establish several feeding centers in Israel each capable of serving for a total of 2,000-2,500 meals a day to be served locally and also dispatched and served to the nearby community that cannot reach those centers. 

The program also support the new approach of a working person that still remains poor even though he is working. Those people would like to maintain their dignity as viable and productive ones (they are a shamed to come to the feeding center) and for them the program can provide special “Food Credit Cards” (looks regular ones) that shall be honored by various food chains/stores and shall allow the card holder to buy specific pre-selected food items (that he selects upfront and they are approved)  for him and his family for their consumption, no returns of food in exchange for money shall be possible.

If you are able, care, want and would like to support and sponsor the project please contact us Contact, we would be glad to hear from you.