Nicaragua Crisis

The Jewish community in Nicaragua (Managua and Grenada) consists of Jews that immigrated from Europe and elsewhere as well as desendants of Jews.
The desendants of Jews practiced Judaism and in 2011 some made BetDin Tzedek conversion. Today more than 100 of the Jewish community are Orthodox Converted Jews. Due to the riots and protests the last months on Apr-June 2018 in Nicaragua, most has no means to leave Nicaragua.
At the moment we appeal for funding to safely fly about 48 members to Costa Rica, and to accommodate them there. The situation is very dangerous in Nicaragua at the moment. The Sephardi community center windows were broken and grafitti sprayed in the outer walls. The US has pulled out the staff from the US embassy located in the capital of Managua. Threats are made against the Jewish community.
Sunday morning at 4am the offices of the community were burglared.
We ,the Institute of the Ingathering of Exiles, appeal for your help to relocate the 48 members asap to San Jose in Costa Rica.
This is a life threatening situation.