The main goal of the organization in its early years is to train, work in the Diaspora for Jews, support appropriate conversion processes in order to enable them to be prepared and immigrate to Israel.

  • Developing materials and courses for Torah study.
  • Developing materials and courses for leadership and Zionism for Jews in the Diaspora.
  • Development of methodology, preparation of materials and training aids for Aliyah training.
  • Establishing a training and training center for community leaders abroad to prepare for the required conversion and immigration to Israel.

The methods of operation that the organization shall take are:

  • Establishing a comprehensive website/s that clarifies the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Establish groups and communities in electronic media, ongoing contact with members and updating of topics.
  • Organizing and distributing Torah words & teachings, building electronic courses in the field.
  • Implementing a system for distance learning, tracking individual studies through the site.
  • Deepening ties with Jewish community leaders, Marranos, and Jews who are interested in converting to Israel.
  • Inviting representatives of community leaders to Israel to undergo training at a training center so that they can train and teach their community members in a manner suitable for Judaism, preparing them for conversion and/or preparing for immigration to Israel.
  • Purchasing and sending study material (books, booklets, equipment, accessories, consumables) abroad for learning, success, and achievement of the task.