The following are the project the foundation is aiming to work them up as part of the activities and contribution to the community.

Home care program for Holocaust Survivors

A survey study in 2015 found that of the roughly 189,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, about 45,000 are in poverty. The average age of an Israeli Holocaust survivor is 87 and by 2025-2030 almost all of the remaining survivors will probably have passed away.

Hot Meals and Feeding Programs

About 35% of all children in Israel, 1,024,000 children live in poverty. This emerges from the “Poverty Index” for 2016. About 29% of the population in Israel (children and adults) – 2,436,000 persons – live in poverty. This means that about 1.4 million adults, or a quarter of all adults in Israel, are poor.

Exile Leaders Preparation & Training

Bring leaders and selected “teachers” of the vast exile communities from around the world to training programs in Israel. The programs shall provide the concept, tools,  know-how and other training materials thus these teachers when reverting back after the program to their communities shall be able to propagate that knowledge those teachings to their community members to prepare them for the goal of alya.

Educational & Community Villages

These villages provides a place for the children and youth to call a home, they get all services and support to become what they can be, getting education, dormitories, meals and leisure activities to meet their development needs.

Second main role/objective of these Villages is to act as a hub and learning center for the process of ingathering of the lost and forgotten exiles and bringing them back to Israel. This novel purpose spans over many foreign countries in both Africa, Europe and South America.

Reduced Rental Apartments

Program for  the young couples, veterans, new immigrants, the poor & disabled and the  ingathering of exiles.
Following the program of Ingathering of exiles, it is expected, planned & targeted that a couple of millions of Jewish people shall return back to Israel. 
In Israel it takes about 150 average monthly salaries to buy an average apartment, a figure that is among the highest in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries.